Top 10 Best Exercise Bands 2016 Reviews

Exercise bands or resistance bands have been used for decades as a way to train and workout various muscle groups, they also are used extensively in rehabilitation.  Resistance bands are excellent because they can be as effective as free-weights in building muscle and working out muscle groups and allow for a full range of motion.  For instance, you can practice your golf or baseball swing while using resistance bands or even a karate kick.  Not only that resistance bands are extremely affordable and you can easily bring them with you if you are traveling or to the office, if you want to take a few minutes at lunch to work out.  So be sure to check out our top 10 best exercise bands for 2016 and choose which resistance band or bands is perfect for your needs.

10. Sahara Sailor Stretch Out Exercise Bands



Sahara sailor exercise bands, are great for yoga as well as strength training.  They are well made and come with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for a resistance band to strengthen your shoulders, hips arms and legs, then the sahara sailor exercise bands are a great choice.  The are also excellent for rehabilitation, allowing you to get a controlled workout, while using natural resistance.

9. Viking Strong Resistance Bands



Viking Strong resistance bands are great for crossfit and P90x, you can purchase exactly the band or bands you want depending on the resistance.  The five 41″ long bands come in graduated thickness, so why pay for resistance bands that you will likely never use, with the viking strong resistance bands you get quality bands and only pay for the resistance bands that you need.  In fact most people that do training courses like p90x will only use 2 resistance bands, yet pay for a package of bands most of which they never use.  And unlike flimsy bands that break or get bent out of shape, these viking bands are built to last, they use a special layered latex, giving the bands remarkable elasticity and strength.

8. Flex Active Sports Resistance Loop Band



The flex active resistance bands, come in five different resistance levels; light, medium, heavy, x-heavy and xx-heavy. So you don’t have to worry about buying additional exercise bands as your strength increases or you work out different muscle groups.  Each exercise band is 12 inches in length, which is more than enough to workout all your key muscle groups and these bands are great for training as well as individuals who have been injured and are looking to recover from their injuries.

7. Limm Exercise Resistance Loop Bands



With these resistance bands, you get a set of 5 resistance bands, each with a different tensile strength.  The five resistance bands include;Light (yellow), Light (green), Medium (blue), Heavy (red), X-Heavy (black) and each strap is a full 12 inches long.  In addition you also get a bag to carry your resistance bands in and keep them together and a home workouts ebook.  The resistance bands are great for Pilates, yoga or physical therapy.

6. SuperiorBand Ballet Stretch Band



SuperiorBand is a natural rubber elastic stretch band used by classical ballet, contemporary dance and gymnastic performers. The bands are also excellent for resistance training, because they are over 45 inches long and can be wrapped around your wrists or feet for additional strength training.  So while ballet and dance professionals do use these exercise bands extensively, they are great bands for general fitness training and conditioning.

5. TheraBand Latex Free Resistance Band



While most resistance bands are made out of latex, which are great, if you have latex allergies, then you will want to grab a pair of these bands.  They are well built and come in sets of three, and most importantly are latex free.  So whether you are using resistance bands for strength training, yoga or pilates these resistance bands will get the job done. The bands resistance levels are yellow-3-4.3 lbs.; Blue-5.8 – 8.5lbs.; Black-7.3-10.2lbs.

4. MummyStrength Pull Up and Resistance Band



Mummystrength bands come in a range of resistance levels from 5 pounds to 175 pounds. You pick and choose which resistance level you want and receive a quality resistance band, that won’t break or stretch out of shape.  These bands are great for pull-up exercises, especially for individuals who ordinarily cannot do a single pull-up or get tiered easily. You also get a quick start guide with toning and warm up exercises with the purchase of an exercise band.

3. Serious Steel Fitness Band



These serious steel resistance bands, are made of 100% natural latex and come in a variety of resistance levels.  They are great for training as well as for pull-ups.  When used for pull-ups they provide that extra boost to help you with doing pull-ups and as you improve you can easily purchase the next resistance level, till you are to the point of not needing to use any bands while doing pull-ups.

2. Phantom Fit Resistance Loop BandPhantom-Fit-Resistance-Loop-Band


With the phantom fit resistance bands, you get a set of four bands of different resistance levels.  They are made of durable latex and are snap resistance and great for strengthening your muscle groups and are ideal for squats, lunges and bicep and tricep exercises.  You also get a handy tote bag to keep all your resistance bands together and even a downloadable workout music track to help keep you pumped up and motivated while working out.  You can even combine bands together to get different resistance levels and with the four bands that means there are over 15 different single or band combinations offering different resistance levels.

1. Renegade Active Resistance Loop Bands



Renegade active resistance bands, come in a set of four with varying resistance levels.  These are strong and very sturdy bands that won’t snap or change shape.  Each band is 12″ long by 2″ wide and in the set you get a light band (6-16 lbs resistance), medium band (11-27 lbs), heavy band (15-­33 lbs) and an extra-­heavy band (21-­45 lbs).  You also get a waterproof and washable pouch to keep all your resistance bands in and free online exercise videos if you want some tips or ideas of how to exercise with the bands.  With all the various combinations and levels of resistance, these bands are great for yoga,pilates and crossfit or p90x fitness courses and the resistance bands are extremely affordable.

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