Top 10 Best Heart Rate Watches 2017 Reviews

It is not only important to measure your heart rate while working out, but also throughout the day so that you can get an accurate baseline.  These heart rate monitoring watches, will allow you to track your fitness levels and performance and adjust your workouts so that you are in your target heart rate range.  While there are a number of manufactures and different types of heart rate watches available, we have compiled this list of the top 10 best heart rate watches of 2017, to better help you decide which watch you want to use.  So if you just want an inexpensive heart rate monitor to give to your kids or are looking for that perfect gift for the athlete in your family and want to go with the apple watch, we have reviewed the top heart rate monitoring watches on the market to make your buying decision easier.

10. CompressionZ Heart Rate Monitor Watch



If you are looking for an affordable watch, that you can take running, jogging or biking than the compressionZ heart rate monitor is for you. It can not only keep time and act as a stop watch, but it also can measure your heart rate, by placing your finger on the built in sensor.  It has several different modes; a time mode, daily alarm mode, chronograph mode, pulse mode and exercise mode.  It includes an exercise counter with automatic and manual calorie counter override.  If you are looking for a basic heart rate monitoring watch, that you can take swimming or running and not worry about leaving it somewhere, then this is the watch for you.

9. SKMei Heart Rate Monitor



The SKMei is a basic heart rate monitoring device.  Unlike most of the watches we have reviewed, this one you have to hold your fingers on the bezel for it to detect your heart rate.  Besides being able to record your heart rate, it also can track your movements and works as a basic pedometer.  The watch also has a built in calendar, alarm and stop watch and is water resistant up to 50 meters. While we wouldn’t recommend this watch for serious use or if you want to track your heart rate while working out, it doesn’t make an excellent watch for kids or even as a backup or spare heart rate monitoring watch that you can throw in your gym bag and not worry about.

8. Omron HR-210 Strap Free Heart Rate Monitor



If you are looking for a stylish watch that you can put on your wrist and get going, then the Omron HR-210 heart rate monitor is for you.  All you have to do is place two fingers on the bezel and the watch can reach your pulse in as little as 6 seconds. It has programmable zone alerts, which can warn you if your pulse is too high or low and the watch is water resistant up to 164 feet. Overall if you are looking for a stylish, inexpensive heart rate monitor that you can wear on your wrist, and that doesn’t require any chest straps, this is an excellent choice.

7. Oittm Sport Watch Heart Rate Monitor



The oittm sports watch and heart rate monitor, offers all the features you would expect in a sports watch, including date and time, stopwatch, countdown timer and alarm.  It also has a built in pedometer for tracking your steps and distance.  Measuring your heart rate is incredibly easy, all your have to do is place your thumb and forefinger on the bezel and in seconds your heart rate is displayed. Overall if you are looking for an affordable watch, that not only can track your steps, but also give you your pulse, then this oittm sports watch and HRM (heart rate monitor) is a good buy.

6. Timex 5k728 Ironman Easy Trainer Digital Heart Rate Monitor



The timex ironman digital heart rate watch, comes with a chest strap to insure continuous heart beat monitoring.  The watch includes a long life battery, and has the date and time on the watch, when not in heart rate monitoring mode.  Overall if you don’t mind wearing a chest strap, the timex ironman watch is a great heart rate monitor, it is waterproof and looks good on your wrist.

5. Hamswan Smart Watch



The hamswan smart watch, features a built in light heart rate sensor, that is able to accurately measure your heart rate.  The watch can record your steps, distance, and heart rate measurements for up to 24 hours. It can even measure your sleeping patterns and the watch can synchronize between your iphone or android devices, using NFC wireless communications.  So if you are looking for a stylish watch, that can monitor your heart rate as well as act as a basic pedometer, then this hamswan smart watch is for you.

4. Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Watch



The polar heart rate monitor, does one thing and one thing incredibly well, it tracks your heart rate, using an included chest strap.  The watch will not only allow you to monitor your heart rate in real time, but also can alert you when you are outside of the targeted heart rate range, though an auditory beep.  It’s made by polar a leader in heart rate monitoring, so you know you can trust the watch and heart rate monitoring strap.  Overall if you are looking for a wearable heart rate monitor that you can take to the gym or go running with, then this watch is for you.

3. Scosche Rhythm Heart Rate Monitor



The Scosche rhythm heart rate monitor, is a great tool for not only tracking your heart rate but a wide range of fitness statistics.  For example, the watch can monitor your calories burned, distance, pace and intensity level.  The heart rate monitor easily attaches to your forearm and allows for wireless communications between your smartphone and can interface with a ride range of health apps, including DigiFit, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness, Strava, S-Health and Wahoo Fitness.  The only downside with this heart rate monitor, is there is no built in LCD display, however since all the date is synced to your smartphone in real time, you can easily check your smartphone for any data you need.

2. Apple Watch Sport Aluminum Heart Rate Monitor



The apple watch is the premier heart rate monitoring watch.  Not only does it look elegant and can sync to your iphone and provide, the ability to control calls and view calendar appointments on the watch directly, but it can also sync to a wide variety of fitness applications.  There is even a speaker and microphone built into the watch, so as long as your iphone is within range you can make phone calls directly through your watch.  Of course the watch also continuously monitors your heart rate, using photo-sensors on the back of the watch.  If you are looking for not only a stylish watch, but a fully functional heart rate monitor and fitness tracker, than the apple watch is for you.  It is worth mentioning that the only reason this watch didn’t make #1 on our list, is due to the price and fact that it’s not as affordable as other heart rate monitors on the market.

1. LenoFocus Wireless Activity Heart Rate Monitor



The lenofocus heart rate monitor, is capable of tracking not only your heart rate but also, track your workouts, calories burned and steps.  It can also track your sleep time and since it syncs to your phone, you can even retrieve call notifications on the watch itself.  It works will iphones, ipads and android smart phones.  And it has some impressive features, such as notifying you if you need to eat or drink fluids.  It even can store up to Up to 30 days of data.

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