Top 10 Best Home Gyms 2017 Reviews

Having a home gym offers you a lot of benefits, first you get to work out on your schedule, you can also play whatever music you want and having a home gym offers you privacy and limits distractions.  Regardless of whether your home gym consists of fitness equipment in a corner of your home or a complete basement gym, you can workout whenever you want to and not have to drive 20 minutes to the gym.  Since home gym’s can be a costly expense, we have reviewed the top 10 best home gym’s for 2017 and hope you find the reviews of the fitness equipment we have reviewed both helpful and informative when deciding on your next home gym.

 10. Valor Fitness CB-12 Plate Loading Pull Down Unit



The Valor Fitness is a great entry level home gym, it allows you to do a variety of exercises on the home gym, including tricep pull downs, lat pull downs, seated rows, upright rows, standing arm curls and ab crunches.  The home gym can hold up to 250lbs of weights on the machine, which is more than enough for most athletes.  It also doesn’t take up a lot of space, which is perfect for individuals who maybe live in a small apartment or condo and can’t have a large home gym, but still want a machine to work out on.

9. Body-Solid Best Fitness Sportsmans Gym




The Body Solids fitness sportsman home gym, is great for homeowners that have limited space, yet still want a fully functional home gym.  The unit is 78 inches tall, which is great for homes or basements with low ceilings and limited clearance.  The home gym has an arm press, pec fly, and both low and high pulleys, which allow you to do a variety of lower and upper body exercises.  The unit has a built in 145 pound weight stack and is built tough.  For instance, the cables are all aircraft cable and the pulleys are fiberglass reinforced.  If you are looking for a great home fitness gym, but don’t have a lot of space in your basement or home fitness area, this is a top choice.

8. Weider 214 lb Stack Home Gym



The Weider 214lb stack home gym, is not only affordable, but also robust.  There are 6 muscle-sculpting workout stations; allowing you to perform such exercises as chest presses, chest fly, leg developer, preacher curls, and both high and low pulley stations.  The weider home gym comes with a built in 81 pound DuraStack weight stack, and with the pulleys and cables offers up to 214 pounds of resistance.  Overall if you are looking for a home gym, where you can target all of the major muscle groups and don’t want to spend a fortune on fitness equipment, the weider home gym presents a great value.

7. Marcy Diamond Elite Stack Gym



The Marcy diamond elite stack gym, is a great all around home gym that offers a lot of flexibility and doesn’t take up a lot of space.  The unit includes a built in 100 pound weight stack, and dual-function arm press that allows you to perform chest presses and independent pec fly exercises.  The unit is also affordable, but doesn’t sacrifice quality, the home gym is built out of steel and the upholstery uses top quality plywood backing and high density foam cushioning.  While this machine won’t provide all the exercises and functionality of a $2000 home gym, it will get the job done and is well built and uses top quality parts.

6. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym



The Gold’s Gym XRS 50 home gym, allows you to workout all of your muscle groups and allows you to change around the pulleys and bars to offer a wide range of lat pull downs and similar exercises.  The combination chest press and butterfly arm station, allows you to work out a wide range of muscle groups at the same time.  And the system includes built in 112 pound weight stack, which is more than enough for most athletes, when coupled with the resistance from the pulleys.  If you are looking for a home gym, from a quality name in the fitness industry, then the Gold’s Gym is a great option.

5. XR 55 Home Gym



The Gold’s Gym XR55 home gym, has all the features of the XR50 that we reviewed before, but in addition has a built in preacher pad, great for your upper arm exercises and curls.  The unit features a 125 pound weight stack that can provide up to 330 pounds of resistance, and the high and low pulleys are configurable to provide dozens of different unique exercises, to give you a complete total body workout.  If you are looking for a home gym that doesn’t take up a lot of room, but still provides you with all of the exercises and functionality you would expect in a home gym, this is a top contender.

4. BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym



The BodyCraft Galena Pro is a terrific machine that is also a space saver, since it can fit into a corner of your home gym and takes up a lot less space that traditional home gym’s.  The home gym features a chest press, dual-function prec dec, leg extensions, leg curls, lat pull, low pully station and of course abdominal crunches.  The machine has a build in 200 pound weight stack and the home gym comes with a lifetime warranty.  If you are looking for a home gym that is close or similar to professional health club fitness equipment, this machine is it, sure it costs a little more that some brands of home gym’s, but it’s worth it.

3. Powerline BSG10X Home Gym



The Powerline BSG10X home gym, is a professional quality home gym that is built tough and can stand up to the most demanding workouts.  It is specifically designed for individuals who want a home gym that doesn’t take up the entire room and comes 90% assembled, so you don’t have to worry about spending hours assembling the unit before you first use it.   It includes a built in 160 pound weight stack, and offers over 40 different exercises that you can configure the home gym to do, such as arm presses, lat pull-downs, bench press and many more.

2. Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym




The Bowflex PR3000 home gym, provides over 50 different fitness exercises to choose from, while not taking up a lot of space in your home.  The unit has up to 210 pounds of power rod resistance, which can be upgraded to 310 pounds, and allows for workouts that target your abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders and lower body.  This bowflex unit is a great option for individuals looking to workout at home, but who don’t have a lot of space for a traditional home gym.

1. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym



The bodycraft home gym, offers you a wide range of exercises to choose from, with dedicated stations for chest presses, shoulder presses, lat pulls, leg lifts and more.  There are well over 100 different exercises that you can do with the bodycraft XPress Pro home gym.  There are also a number of pulleys on the machine, allowing you to do ab crunches, tricep extensions and even lat pull-downs.  The XPress Pro includes a 200 pound weight stack that can be doubled to 400 pounds, when doing leg presses.  And the machine is extremely well made, using 12 gauge steel tubing, nylon coated aircraft cable, and fiberglass impregnated nylon pulleys, it’s no wonder the machine comes with a lifetime warranty.

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