Top 10 Best Pedometers 2017 Reviews

It’s a proven fact that individuals and athletes that track their progress daily, achieve better results and are in better shape.  That is why a pedometer, is so beneficial, since it can track your daily activity, from how many steps you take to how far you run.  So if you are looking for a way to track your daily activity and see how you are doing, then you want to check out our top 10 best pedometers for 2017.  Many of the pedometers we have reviewed, even allow you to place them in your bag or purse, or pocket, so you don’t have to worry about looking unfashionable or coworkers or friends asking what is clipped to your belt.

10. YYTech Distance Pedometer Calorie Counter



The YYTech pedometer is a simple easy to use pedometer that can be used for both walking or jogging.  It features a built in belt clip and easy to read LCD display.  And while the pedometer is basic and even resembles a pager, it does have some decent features built into the device.  For instance, it has a 7 day memory feature, and besides tracking your steps, it can also track calories burned.  So if you are looking for a traditional pedometer, that is easy to use and doesn’t cost a lot of money, then this YYTech pedometer is defiantly a contender.

9. AllThingsAccessory Mini LCD Pedometer



The AllthingsAccessory Mini LCD pedometer, is a sleek, easy to use pedometer.  It can track steps as well as distance traveled and calories burned.  The large LCD makes using it extremely easy to use and it has a 1 minute auto shutoff when idle, so you don’t drain the batteries.  It has a built in clip making it easy to attach to your belt or clothing and is well priced.

8. Samshow LCD Pedometer



The samshow LCD pedometer, can accurately keep track of your step count, distance and calories burned.  It is small and lightweight and has a built in clip so that you can clip it onto your belt or clothing.  And it has an automatic shutoff, so that you aren’t running down the batteries when not in use.  Overall if you are looking for a basic pedometer and don’t need 3d axis technology, then this could be the next pedometer for you.  It’s extremely easy to use and intuitive and comes in classic white.

7. Sandistore Waterproof Run Step Pedometer



If you are looking for a basic pedometer that you can clip on to your belt or clothing and can track your steps, distance and calories, then this pedometer by Sandistore is for you.  It has a 7 day memory, which can store your steps, distance and calorie history for up to seven days.  And it has a sleep function, which will automatically turn off the pedometer if you aren’t using it for 3 minutes.  The pedometer also comes in four different color choices; red,blue,green and black so you can choose your favorite color as well.

6. OZO Fitness Pedometer



The OZO Fitness pedometer, is a great activity tracker for adults or kids.  It has large recessed buttons on the back of the counter, to prevent accidental resets.  It is also extremely compact, but has a large LCD screen, so you can check on your progress at a simple glace.  And the OZO fitness pedometer also has a 7 day memory, which tracks your steps and daily walking time for up to a week.  It even has a built in clock, so if you are going for a walk or run, you always know what time it is.

5. 3DTriSport Walking Pedometer



The 3DTriSport walking pedometer comes in three different colors, hot pink as shown here, black and white.  It offers 3D Tri-Axis sensor technology, which allows you to track your step count whether the pedometer is in your pocket, bag or purse.  The unit has a 30 day memory and can keep track of your steps (walking or running), distance in (miles or KM), calories, fat burned and exercise time.  If you are looking for a pedometer that is well designed, easy to use and looks great on you, then this is an excellent option.

4. Ozeri Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer



The Ozeri 4x3razor digital pedometer, includes an advanced 3d tracker, which allows you to clip on the pedometer to your belt or clothing or place it in your bag or purse and still get highly accurate tracking.  Whether the pedometer is up, down, flat or lying at an angle the 3d sensor allows you to get an accurate count of your steps.  The unit is lightweight, compact and very sleek.  The Ozeri pedometer can count up to 1 million steps and has a 30 day memory.  Heck it even has a built in clock and alarm, so there isn’t much that this pedometer won’t do.

3. Omron HJ-321 Alvita Pedometer



The omron HJ-321 alvita pedometer is a 3d pedometer, which means that you can put it in your pocket, purse or pocket and the pedometer will still accurately track your steps.  It can track your steps, distance walked and calories burned and can store that data for up to 7 days.  And the pedometer also has handy features, such as a built in clip so that you can clip it on your purse or belt and always have it with you.  It also automatically resets at midnight, which is extremely handy, since you can easily track your daily steps and distance, without having to worry about resetting the device.

2. iTro Prostyle 3D Pedometer for Walking



The iTro ProStyle 3D pedometer, offers an easy to use device, that is small and easy to take with you.  But what really set’s this pedometer apart is the fact that it has 3D sensor technology, which allows you to put it in your bag or purse and the pedometer is still able to track your steps and usage to a high degree. It also has a 18 month warranty and is a great little pedometer to track your steps and calories burned, to help improve your fitness.

1. CSX Walking Pedometer



The CSX walking pedometer has the latest in pedometer technology, taking advantage of silent 3D advanced tri axis walking technology.  Meaning that you don’t have to keep the pedometer in a vertical position to count steps accurately. This pedometer can be placed in your pocket, bag or purse and it will still keep track of your steps and distanced traveled to a high degree.  The device itself, measures your daily step count, distance traveled, and calories burned. And it also has a unique visual progress bar, so you can see how close you are to reaching your daily targets, which act’s as a great motivator and helps keep you on track.  It also has a 7 day memory, which automatically resets at midnight, so that you are only tracking that day’s stats.  If all that wasn’t enough, it even comes with an 18 month warranty, all of the features in this pedometer and the warranty is the reasons we had to list it as the number one best pedometer on the market for 2016.

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