Top 10 Best Ab Wheels 2017 Reviews

If you are looking for a strong core, then you should invest in an ab wheel. Make no mistake about it, Ab wheel workouts are TOUGH, but they get results and defined abdominal muscles.  We have reviewed all the latest Ab wheels in 2017 to make your decision a lot easier.  Here our our top 10 best ab wheels for 2017. Pick one up today and start getting that tone muscle definition and strong core that you have always wanted.

10. GoFit Dual Exercise Ab Wheel





The GoFit dual exercise wheel, has foam handles and is made from tough plastic that will keep up with average use. It’s an affordable entry level ab wheel, perfect if you are traveling or if you don’t want to spend a fortune on an ab wheel.  The surface of the wheels is plastic, so it’s not great on tile flooring, in which case a ab wheel with a rubber wheel is going to perform much better.

9. Yes4All Dual Ab Wheel




The Yes4all is a great beginner ab wheel, it’s extremely affordable, yet does get the job done. It comes in black, blue,red and … drum-roll please classic black. It’s worth pointing out that the grooves are plastic, so if you are using it on wooden floors or tile, it can slip quite a bit. But overall if you have a gym or just need several ab rollers to get the job done and don’t want to spend a fortune, this is an excellent product.

8. ProSource Fitness Ab Wheel for Abdominal Exercise




This unit comes in red, white and blue and is an affordable entry level ab wheel.  It is great for upper body and abdominal exercises and for toning your abs, shoulders, arms and back muscles all at once.  It includes easy to grip handles that are contoured around your fingers.  And the prosource fitness ab wheel also is very easy to setup, prior to your first workout.

7. URBNFit Ab Roller Wheel





The URBNfit ab roller, comes in three different styles. The basic ab roller pictured here comes with easy to grip handles, and includes dual roller wheels. The shaft is made of metal and the abdominal roller wheel is both sturdy and lightweight.  They do also have two other models of the same ab roller, with foam handles and other enhancements. Overall if you are looking for an easy to use and affordable ab roller, this is definitely a good option.

6. P90X Hardcore Ab Wheel




The p90x hardcore ab wheel is definitely the most unique ab wheel we have reviewed. It is one of the higher priced abdominal wheels, and it looks like something out of a terminator movie. But what make’s this particular ab wheel unique, is that you can strap in your feet and do a variety of core exercises, while strengthening your leg muscles as well.  It is certainly an over-sized ab wheel and unless you are looking to utilize the foot strap, due to the size of the unit and fack that your hands are further out to the side, you are better off with a traditional abdominal wheel.

5. Iron Gym Speed Abs Roller




The iron gym abdominal roller, includes a steel metal bar through the roller, an extra large wheel great for added traction on any surface. And the pro-grip rubberized grips make using it a breeze. It is a solid product by a well known fitness powerhouse. So if you are looking for a ab wheel that is great for beginners as well as professionals, this should certainly be in your list of contenders.

4. Wacces Ab Power Wheel



The wacces ab wheel comes in several different colors, has ergonomic grips and has a metal rod. It’s a dual ab wheel, making it easier for beginners and those needing a little extra support. It’s an affordable ab wheel, yet sturdy and will definitely get the job done. So if you are looking for a great ab wheel to do your fitness training program or p90x this is definitely a good option.

3. Valeo Dual Ab Wheel




The Valeo dual ab wheel, is easy to assemble, and is extremely affordable, yet still has everything in an ab wheel that you would expect.  The wheels have a rubber surface, which makes working out on tile or hardwood floors easy.  While the handles are contoured and easy to grip, it is worth pointing out that they aren’t padded, so if you are doing a lot of exercising with this unit, it can be hard for some people.

2. Elite Sportz Ab Wheel Roller Pro




The elite sportz ab wheel comes fully assembled, it’s sturdy and has two separate all rubber wheels, that get great traction on pretty much any surface. It’s an excellent ab wheel for professional athletes looking to strengthen their core or beginners who are just getting started with abdominal exercises.  It even comes with a lifetime replacement warranty, though with how sturdy this ab roller is made, you won’t be needing it.  We had a hard time choosing between this abdominal wheel and the amazing core fitness power wheel, and this would have been our first pick, however for traditionalists, the fact that this ab wheel has two separated wheels, knocked it down to our #2 pick.

1. Amazing Core Fitness ACF Ab Power Wheel



This abdominal workout wheel, has two wheels, making it ideal for heavier-set people. The handles are metal and come with a foam covering, making it great for working out.  With the rubber outer wheel, and sturdy design, fitness professionals as well as general users have made this a popular seller. So if you are looking to increase your muscle definition and get a stronger core, then this is a great addition to your workout equipment.  We choose this product as the best of our top 10 reviews, because it has padded grips, is well constructed and with a traditional design. If you are looking for stability and don’t mind the double wheels, then you will want to go with the Elite Sportz abdominal wheel our #2 pick.

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