Top 10 Best Pull-Up Bars 2017 Reviews

If you are looking for a workout product to develop upper body strength, then having a pull-up bar in your home gym is a must. Besides building upper body strength with a pull-up bar, you can also work your abs and even leg muscles using nothing more than the weight of your body.  We have create a list of the 10 most popular pull-up bars for 2017 in our easy to review guide. So whether you are looking for a removable pull-up bar you can mount in a doorway or a more permanent solution, we have gathered the best pull-up bars for you to check out.

10. Met-RX Doorway Pull Up Bar



The Met-RX is a solid steel in doorway pull-up bar. It’s perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips. It has over 12 different grip locations and can support athletes up to 300 pounds and can be easily setup and taken down in a few minutes.  The unit is designed to fit doorways 24-32 inches wide, making it perfect for apartments as well as homeowners who don’t want to install a pull-up bar permanently.

9. Titan Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar



This is a fabulous pull-up bar by Titan Fitness, it can support up to 500 lbs and is designed to be installed on standard 16″ wooden studs for custom wids at 16″, 32″ or 52″ apart. It can also be mounted on concrete walls for endless possibilities.  The bar length itself is 53″ long and the whole system easily bolts together and is remarkably strong.  If you are looking for a perfect permanent pull-up bar for your home or gym, then the titan fitness pull up bar is definitely a top contender.

8. Ultimate Body Press Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bar




This ultimate body press ceiling mounted pull up bar, attaches securely to your ceiling joists.  It can be installed on both 16″ or 24″ spaced joists, and it features a all steal design and comfort grip pull-up bar. The bars drop 14″ from your ceiling, providing a full range of motion and exercises to be done with this bar and the pull-up bar can support up to 300 pounds.  Overall customers found the installation pretty straightforward, though you may need to have a stud finder, if you will be installing on a ceiling that is dry-walled, other than that the installation is pretty easy and can be accomplished in under 30 minutes.

7. Stud Bar Pull Up Bar




The Stud Bar Pull Up bar is built to last, made out of 14 gauge steel, you can tell this is a professional pull-up bar.  It can hold the most weight of any of the pull-up bars we have reviewed, supporting up to 600 lbs, making this a solid pull-up bar for any home or home gym.  It easily installs to the ceiling or if you purchase the 9 inch bar, you can even attach it to the wall if you so choose.

6. Maximiza Pull Up Bar



This particular pull-up bar is one of the best selling removable pull-up bars, because it can support up to 300 lbs, when installed using the door mounts.  It can fit standard doorways between 26 to 36 inches and is made out of heavy duty chrome, with a foam padding over the bar.  If you are doing an exercise program like p90x or looking to build your upper body strength and are looking for a pull-up bar that you can remove easily, then the Maximiza pull-up bar is definitely going to be the one you want to purchase.  It has many uses from being used for pull-ups, chin-ups and even hanging leg raises.

5. MS Sports Joist Mount Pull Up Bar



If you are looking for a pull-up bar that is solid and gives you a wide range of motion as well as exercises that can be performed on it, then this is the pull-up bar for you.  It comes with four mounting bolts, so it can be attached to a joist, it’s great for finished garages or unfinished basements where you want a pull-up bar that is build tough and is a quality product, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it.

4. JFit Deluxe Pull Up Bar




Fitting up to 40 inch doorways, this is a versatile pull-up bar that can support athletes up to 300 lbs (when you screw the ends of it into the door frame). It is made of sturdy steel and has a screw mechanism, that extends out to fit your doorframe.  Regardless of whether you are doing pull ups, dips or working your core, this is an excellent contender for a removable doorframe pull-up bar.

3. Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar



This is a great high quality, steel pull up bar that extends 14 inches off the wall, making it perfect for pull-ups, chin-ups and other exercises.  It mounts to standard 16 inch studs and requires just four mounting bolts to securely attach this pull-up bar to the wall.  While removable pull-up bars that mount in the doorway are great, they aren’t going to be as sturdy or offer the wide range of motions like the ultimate body press pull up bar.

2. Big Mike’s Fitness Doorway Pull Up Bar



The Big Mike Fitness pull up bar, comes in three colors, pictured here you see the chrome version. It also comes in a black metallic finish as well as a hot pink finish.  It can fit between 24 to 36″ doorways and comes with everything you need to mount it properly, it can even support up to 300 pounds.  With the added foam padding, you can bust out dozens of pull-ups or chin-ups without your hands getting all beat up.

1. ProSource Heavy Duty Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar




With 12 comfortable grips and supporting up to 300 pounds, this is a great doorway pull-up bar. The reason this was at the top of our list, is because many people that workout at home, don’t want to install a pull-up bar permanently or live in an apartment or condo and simply can’t drill into their walls.  Not only is the ProSource heavy duty doorway pull-up bar a top seller on amazon, but it’s also a great pull up bar for those getting started with a fitness program.  A lot of beginners choose this pull-up bar when beginning programs like the p90x program, because they don’t want to spend a fortune on a pull-up bar and aren’t sure if they will be continuing working out with the program.  Down the line, it’s easy to remove this pull-up bar and install a more permanent option like the ones we reviewed above that bolt into the stud or ceiling.

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