Top 10 Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2017 Reviews

If you are looking to improve your weight training and be able to do more repetitions in the gym, then you will most definitely want to be training with some type of weight lifting glove.  Weight lifting gloves, not only provide a barrier between you and the bar, but they also offer you greater grip on the bar, all while protecting your hands and preventing callous’s.  Be sure to check out our top 10 best weight lifting glove reviews for 2017 and choose a pair of weight lifting gloves for your next workout.

10. RDX Leather Pro Weight Lifting Body Building Glove



The RDX leather glove is made of cow hide leather, with double reinforced palm and finger gel padding for tremendous gripping power.  It has a 19″ long wrap around wrist support, for heavier power lifting and is all around a well built lifting glove.  So stop ripping up your hands on the pull-up bar or doing dead lifts and pick up a pair of weight lifting gloves.

9. Crown Gear Weightlifting Glove



These gloves are made of genuine soft leather, with double stitching so they won’t fall apart on you.  They have a 4-way stretch material, making them easy to get on and off and come with a one year warranty.  Overall these are good quality lifting gloves, if you don’t mind spending a bit more than most gloves on the market.

8. Trovis New Weight Lifting Glove



These trovis weight lifting gloves are a little unique, in the fact that they allow your hands to breath naturally, while still giving you the support you want at the wrists.  Your palms are well protected and the gloves have an extra wide wrist strap.  Made of neoprene which allows the material to stretch and for an easy on off application around your fingers.

7. Valeo GMLS Meshback Lifting Glove




The valeo weight lifting gloves, are made up genuine leather on the palms and a mesh cotton back.  They are great if you want a light weight glove, that you can easily put on and off and want a little more breath ability.  Where they do fall short is that they don’t provide a lot of wrist support, so basically they are all about protecting your palms and hands from getting torn up.

6. Harbinger 155 Power StretchBack Glove




These harbinger power stretchback gloves are a great choice, when you are looking for an extra pair of workout gloves to throw in your bag, so you never forget your gloves.  They have a stretchable material, which helps to get them on and off and an adjustable wrist strap, to give you a snug fit.  They also offer additional padding on your fingers and palms.  Overall if you are looking for a fairly light weight lifting glove for the gym, this is an excellent option.  The only downside is that they don’t provide enough support at your wrists.  They can also be a great glove for mountain biking or similar outdoor activities.

5. Iron Bull Strength Weight Lifting Glove



These weight lifting gloves come with double leather reinforced and padded palm and fingers.  They also have a large wide 20″ wrist strap support.  Overall if you want well built weight lifting gloves, to help you train longer or are doing crossfit then be sure to pick up a pair of these iron bull strength weight lifting gloves.  They are built to last and can protect you from injury to your hands, after all no one wants to be down and not able to lift for 2-3 days while your hands recover.

4. Alpha Impact Premium Weight Lifting Glove




With neoprene mesh on the back and goatskin leather palm padding, these weight lifting gloves are not only light weight, but easy to get on and off.  If you are looking for a way to get longer workouts in at the gym, having a pair of weight lifting gloves can make a huge difference, they can allow you to do more repetitions and also protect your hands against injuries.

3. B Nooch Premium Weightlifting Glove



The BNooch gloves are well constructed and great for lifting at the gym. They come with double foam padding on the palms, to help prevent bisters and come with a one year warranty.  If you are looking for your next pair of weight lifting gloves or don’t currently wear gloves while lifting at the gym, you should definitely pick up a pair, your hands will thank you.  Not to mention with added wrist support, you can rest assured your weight lifting gloves will prevent injury and allow you to work out longer.

2. Meister Wrist Wrap Glove



These Meister wrist wrap weight training gloves, are well built and come with foam padding and gel on the palms, giving you great cushioning, while you are lifting, doing crossfit or using the kettlebells.  They are made from amara leather, and have a mesh backing.  With dual velcro straps at the wrist, they give you added support when lifting and help to prevent injuries in the gym.

1. Nordic Lifting Weight Lifting Glove




These weight training gloves by Nordic lifting, provide all the wrist support you need as well as extra padding around the palms.  The gloves come with an integrated 12″ wrist strap and even have a one year warranty.  Made of premium leather, with extra stitching and padding where you need it, these gloves will stand up to even the most demanding workouts.  Overall if you are looking for well built workout gloves, then grab a pair of these Nordic lifting weight training gloves.

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