Top 10 Best Yoga DVDs 2017 Reviews

If you are looking to become more flexible, wind down after a stressful day or looking for a way to build your muscle strength then you should check out these yoga DVDs.  With a yoga instructional DVD, all you have to do is pop it in your dvd player or computer and instantly relax and decompress. These yoga DVDs are great for athletes that are looking for a way to prevent muscle strain or for back pain suffers.  For decades yoga practitioners have been telling their students about all the benefits from doing yoga, from helping to prevent colds and the flu, to helping you achieve better posture.  Be sure to check out our top 10 best yoga DVDs for 2017, read the reviews and find out which yoga program you want to get started with or add to your collection.

10. Bob Harper: Yoga for Warrior




This is a power yoga program, for athletes that want to work out every muscle in their body and gain more flexibility.  Let’s face it with Bob Harper’s program, you will work up a sweat and will shed some pounds, so make sure that you are prepared.  For the professional athlete or someone looking to loose weight at the same time, this is the yoga DVD for you.

9. Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown




Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown DVD is made up of two separate, 30 minute yoga program, that is designed not only to help you become more flexible, but also loose weight at the same time.  It is interval training, which means you will be working out strenuously, but it’s low impact yoga exercises, so it greatly reduces injuries from occurring.  It’s really a mixture of yoga and cardio, so if your a yoga purist, you probably want to skip this.  However, if you are looking for a yoga program that you can loose weight with and follow along with, then be sure to pick up this DVD.

8. Biggest Loser: The Workout Weight Loss Yoga




This program is 55 minutes long and lead by Bob Harper, it’s designed to help you loose weight, so it can be quite rigorous.  In the workout program you have three separate workouts, separated by 5 minute warm-up and cool-down sections.  If you are looking for a traditional yoga course, while this includes several traditional yoga poses, it’s really designed as a combination of yoga and cardio workout, designed to help you loose weight.

7. Hatha and Flow Yoga for Beginners



If you are looking for peace and tranquility, this is the DVD for you. It was filmed overlooking the pacific ocean and comes with two 30 minute yoga fitness programs.  The Hatha session will release your stresses from the day, increase your flexibility and allow you to calm your mental focus.  If you are looking for a peaceful yoga program that will instantly open up your mind and body to the zen like senses of the pacific ocean, this is the program for you.

6. Yoga Over 50




This DVD course is specifically designed for those over 50, it’s a much slower paced course allowing you to follow along much easier.  It’s shot at the scenic Glacier National Park, by the famous yoga instructor Barbara Benagh and features 8 separate routines, to help you develop strength, flexibility and improve your balance.  While it is specifically designed for 50 and older people, it’s a great program for all ages, especially if you find yourself having a hard time keeping up with other yoga courses.  So if you are suffering from osteoporosis or arthritis and are looking for a natural way to help your ailments and improve your bones, then this is the yoga course for you.

5. Power Yoga Collection from Rodney Yee




Rodney Yee is considered one of the top yoga instructors in the world, and with this program you get 3 separate full length programs on a single DVD. And the three session course, costs the same as a single length program.  With the yoga DVD you get; Yoga Burn, Power Yoga and Yoga for Conditioning for Athletes.  Each program is roughly an hour long and they are great for beginners as well as advanced yoga practicioners.

4. Yoga for Weight Loss For Beginners




Shot in stunning Half-Moon Bay Antigua, this program is divided into 12 easy to follow sessions that last between 15-60 minutes each.  It’s a great program to not only help you loose weight, but also provides easy to follow instructions for beginners.  It was created by Maggie Rhoades, who illustrates all of the yoga poses and guides you along the way.  While it does say for it’s for beginners, it’s great for those already familiar with yoga and who are looking for another course to add to their collection.

3. Rodney Yee’s Complete Yoga for Beginners




Rodney Yee’s complete yoga for beginners, provides you with complete instructions to complete four separate courses, each twenty minutes long.  It starts out with Yoga basics, which walks you through basic yoga poses such as;mountain,plank,cobra and then simple bends and twists. Yoga for Flexibility is the next 20 minute course, which focuses on flexibility and working through a wide range of motions.  Followed by Yoga for Energy, which is a great program to start in the morning, helping you to wake up and feel more vitalized for whatever the day throws at you.  Finally Yoga for Relaxation is Rodney Yee’s course to help you decompress and transition from your busy day, through a series of slow, mindful moments that help you de-stress and focus on tranquility and alertness.

2. Flow Yoga with Tara Lee



Flow Yoga, is created as more of a flow based yoga practice.  The exercises are divided up into three separate 20 minute sequences, that are designed to help you relax, become more flexible and breath more naturally.  The focus is on air and water and your interaction with both.  It is filmed alongside a scenic river and the easy to follow yoga poses help you reach inner tranquility.

1. Yoga for Beginners




Yoga for beginners by world renowned yoga instructor Barbara Benagh is a 240 minute jammed packed course, that helps you increase flexibility, increase your health and vitality and transform how you look at feel.  The workouts are between 10-60 minutes long and was filmed at stunning beaches in Half-Moon Bay, Antigua, providing you with breathtaking views as you follow along with the yoga instruction.  Eight different workouts are included in the instructional DVD, making it perfect for beginners or intermediate yoga practitioners.


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